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Insurance Book Takes Your Privacy Seriously

We believe you should know the privacy policies of the sites you visit. Insurance Book is committed to data security, and protects your personally identifiable information (name, address, social security number, etc.).

If you have questions regarding this statement, you can email our customer care department at

Questions and Answers:
How does Insurance Book use my personally identifiable information?
We use your personally identifiable information collected from 1) our instant life insurance quote service, and/or 2) our comprehensive life insurance quote service, to create your insurance profile. From this profile, we generate instant online quotes and comprehensive quotes (as available) using the rating methods of our participating insurance companies. If you meet their criteria, participating insurance companies who don't yet offer online quotes may provide an offline quote.

Unless you give us permission to do so, or unless required by law, we do not willfully use or disclose personally identifiable information.
In addition, Insurance Book will not willfully disclose personally identifiable information obtained from those: 1) utilizing Insurance Book's instant life insurance quotes, 2) utilizing Insurance Book's comprehensive life insurance quote, and/or 3) utilizing Insurance Book's Feedback form.

After I request quotes at Bay Planning, who will contact me?
A licensed representative of our company will contact you with information regarding your quotes or coverage. This representative will only contact you if you specifically authorize it.

In addition to Insurance Book e-mailing a quote confirmation and coverage follow-up reminder (when necessary), Insurance Book will occasionally e-mail a quality control survey to all customers who request quotes or coverage. These surveys are optional. While we may review individual survey responses as well as the aggregated results, none of the surveys are associated with personally identifiable information. Additionally, Insurance Book does not disclose or share survey responses with any third party.

Does Insurance Book allow me to correct the information?
Yes. You can change the information you provide to us at any time. Your right to review and correct information provided by third parties, such as credit reports, is subject to a variety of federal and state laws.

Contacting the Site Administrator

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